Amir Yacoby


Amir Yacoby




  • A robust scanning diamond sensor for nanoscale imaging with single nitrogen-vacancy centres.

  • Imaging the Spin Texture of a Skyrmion Under Ambient Conditions Using an Atomic-Sized Sensor

  • Nanometre-scale probing of spin waves using single-electron spins

  • Subnanometre resolution in three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of individual dark spins

1994 – 1996

Postdoctoral Fellow, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA

1996 – 1997

Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

1997 – 2002

Assistant Professor, Weizmann institute of Science, Israel

2002 – 2006

Associate Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

2006 – 2011

Professor of Physics, Harvard University

2011 – present

Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Harvard University

2018 – present

Specially Appointed Professor, School of
Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science


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Electron Spins in Semiconductor Quantum Dots”, Science 309, 2180 


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