Ninjbadgar Tsedev


Ninjbadgar Tsedev




Tsedev Ninjbadgar was born in 1973 in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). She did her undergraduate studies at the National University of Mongoia and her Ph.D at the Kyoto University with Prof. M.Takano. Following postdoctoral research experiences in MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, TU Braunshweig (Germany) and DCU (Ireland), she joined to the New Mongol Institute of Technology. Her research interests include synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles and their application as MRI contrast agent as well as controlled magnetic nanoparticle assembly by competitive stabilizer.


Over here we do more synthesis of the various nanoparticles and we do a lot more magnetic and morphological characterizations at WRHI as they have outstanding equipments- SQUID magnetometry and TEM-which are particularly useful for studying core/shell magnetic nanoparticles. After having some interesting discussions, it allows me to return with fresh outlook and new ideas to pursue that may not have been otherwise addressed due to limitations of expertise and facilities.


  • Synthesis of the various oxide nanoparticles such as ZrO2:Eu, TiO2 and Fe3O4 through non-hydrolytic organic phase route and their applications

  • Scaleable controlled magnetic nanoparticle assembly (30-150nm) by competitive stabiliser desorption and as their application as MRI contrast agent

  • Functional bionanomaterials through polymer chemistry on magnetic nanoparticles and their application as MRI contrast agent

1994 – 1999

Research Associate, National University of Mongolia

2004 – 2006

Senior Researcher, Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences


umboldt Foundation Research Fellow, Department of Colloid Chemistry, MPI of Colloids and Interfaces and Institute of Paritcle technology, Braunschweig University of Technology


Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of ChemicalSciences, Dublin City University


Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, NMIT


Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


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