Christoph Schick


Christoph Schick




CHRISTOPH SCHICK is Professor at the Institute of Physics in the University of Rostock since 1992 and is Head of the Polymer Physics Group. He received his PhD degree in 1980 for research in the field of glass transition with Prof. E. Donth as his mentor. As a post doc, he became interested in the interplay between glass transition and crystallization in polymers. In this field he completed his Habilitation in 1988. Since then his research focuses on advanced calorimetry, like temperature modulated or fast scanning, applied to polymers, metals, and other substances. He is interested in crystallization, nucleation, and glass transition in these materials.


The joined experiments together with Prof. Junko Morikawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, will provide deeper insights in thermophysical properties of different materials. Our particular interest focusses on the better understanding of the influence of heating and cooling rates during laser assisted additive manufacturing on final solidification of micrometer sized metal particles.


  • Surface Inoculation of Aluminium Powders for Additive Manufacturing Guided by Differential Fast Scanning Calorimetry and Fast Infrared Thermography

    Due to difficulties in the solidification process, like crack formations and porosity, additive manufacturing of metal and especially of aluminium is still limited to a restricted set of alloys. To improve the solidification process of laser beam melting (LBM) the project is designed to modify the powder surface by adding nanoparticles for a guided nucleation. In-situ testing of the fast melting and solidification process of single particles is to be performed by using differential fast scanning calorimetry (DFSC) in combination with fast infrared thermography. These results will be transferred to LBM of aluminium alloys. Specimen will be printed, to test crack formations and material properties by compound characterisation techniques.
    Periods : 2018 - 2020
    Funding source : German Science Foundation (DFG)
    Members : Prof. Junko Morikawa, Dr. Evgeny Zhuravlev

    fast infrared thermographyfast scanning calorimetryin situ measurements, aluminum alloyslaser beam melting


Physics Department, Technical University of Leuna-Merseburg,  research fellow


Physics Department, Pedagogical University Güstrow, senior research fellow, first assistant to professor


Physics Department, University of Rostock, professor


Director of the Institute of Physics, University of Rostock


Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Rostock


Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Rostock


Member of the Academic Senate, University of Rostock


Butlerov Institute of Chemistry, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia, professor (part-time)


Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Specially Appointed Professor


Professor Emeritus, Member of the Competence Center Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis Rostock (°CALOR), University of Rostock



Mettler Toledo Award of the North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS)


The James J. Christensen Memorial Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Innovative Development and Use of Calorimetric Equipment, CALCON, USA


The 2010 AICAT-SETARAM Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to advance the physical knowledge and knowledge generating tools related to ordering, crystallisation, aggregation or organization of synthetic polymers, AICAT, Italy


The 2011 AFCAT Calvet Price, France


Wissenschaftspreis der GEFTA 2014, Germany


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