Christophe Jouvet


Christophe Jouvet




The results obtained by the Tokyo Tech group (Fujii group in CLS) are complementary to the ones we have obtained in France. Assembling all the data together allows us to get a complete description of the phenomenon and to understand complicated processes occurring in the excited states of molecules.


  • Catching the intermediate states of chemical reaction by excitation of van der Waals complexes.

  • Demonstration of the role of the Excited State Hydrogen Transfer (ESHT) in substituted aromatic molecules. The ESHT channel controls the relaxation to the ground state or the Hydrogen loss.

  • Excited state dynamics of protonated molecules. The charge transfer toward the proton triggers the dynamics of the hydrogen, which then leads to the fragmentation of the ion.


Phd Université Paris-Sud (Orsay)

1980 - 1981

Post doctoral at the University of Chicago


Permanent position: C.N.R.S. Researcher


Research Director second class at C.N.R.S.


Research Director first class at C.N.R.S.

2008 - 2012

Director of the laser facility of the Université

2015 - now

Director of the international French-Argentina LEMIR Lab (Aix-Marseille Université and Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)

2018 - now

Specially Appointed Professor, Clean Environment Unit, IIR, Tokyo Tech


Bronze Medal of CNRS2001


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