Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen


Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen


Statistical physicsComplex systemsInformation Theoretic Causal AnalysisMathematical Biology


Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen is a professor of mathematical physics, leader of the Centre for Complexity Science at Imperial College London and a Specially-Appointed Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

• Professor of Mathematical Physics, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, Oct. 1999 -
• Specially-Appointed Professor, Innovative Research Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Oct. 2016 –
• External faculty member Complexity Science Hub Vienna, March 2016 –
• Director of Post Graduate Studies, Department of Mathematics, Imperial, Oct. 2014 –
• Programme leader Centre for Complexity Science, Imperial, Oct. 2007 –

He works on the statistical mechanics of complex systems. He has worked on the dynamical properties of condensed matter systems and developed the Tangled Nature model of co-evolutionary dynamics. At present, this framework is being applied in several fields including modeling of socio-economical sustainability, finance, cultural evolution, innovation, cell diversity in cancer tumour growth and more. In 1998 he wrote a book on Self-organized Criticality, which helped to focus this field. His work together with Paolo Sibani on record dynamics and its relevance to a surprisingly broad range of complex system, including macroevolution and the dynamics of ant colonies, have attracted interest from researchers from biology to materials science. This work forms the basis for the book on Record Dynamics by Sibani and Jensen 2013. Jensen has worked on brain dynamics and structure by analysing fMRI and EEG data. He is also involved in an exciting project together with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama concerning quantitative analysis of EEG timeseries recorded on audience and performers during improvised or non-improvised classical music.


To interact with first class researchers and to enter into collaborative projects wit in economics/finance and within neuroscience/sensing of human brain dynamics.


  • An evolutionary theory for the development of resilient economic systems

    Data driven analysis of the evolution of the Japanese firm ecological network
    Leader Professor : Misako Takayasu

  • Identifying neural and physical signatures of successful improvisational music communication

    Measuring and analysing (by use of information theoretic techniques) the difference in brain dynamics between improvised and prepared classical music performance.
    Leader Professor : Yohshiro Miyake

  • Evolution of Complex Networks

  • Self-Organized Criticality

  • Stochastic Dynamics of Complex Systems

  • Information Theoretic Causality Causal


Present Professor, Imperial College


Present Program Leader for Complexity Science


Present Director of Post Graduate Studies, Imperial College


Present Specially Appointed Professor, WRHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology