Yuriy Aristov


Yuriy Aristov




Yuri Aristov reveived his BSc and MSc in Mechanochemistry from the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute (1977), PhD in Catalysis (1984) and Doctoral Degree in Energy Storage/Transformation (2003) from the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (BIC), Novosibirsk, Russia. For ten years he was an Associate Professor and a Lecturer at Novosibirsk State University. Currently he is a Professor of Physical Chemistry (2007), a Head of Group of Energy Accumulating Materials and Processes at BIC, and a Specially Appointed Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology (2018-2020).
Yu. Aristov was a Visiting Researcher/Professor at CNR Institute of Advanced Technologies for Energy (Italy), Institute of Chemical Engineering (Poland), University of Warwick (UK), RWTH-Aachen (Germany), and Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan). He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Energy (Elsevier) and Future Cities and Environment (Oxford University Press). Yu. Aristov (with co-authors) received (2013) the Koptyug Memorial Award of the Russian Academy of Sciences on adsorption heat transformation technologies/apparatuses.
His research interests were in the field of radiation chemistry, low temperature electron tunneling, fractal analysis of porous solids, thermochemical heat storage. He is currently working on adsorptive systems for transformation of low temperature heat as well as on novel composite sorbents for heat storage, gas drying, maintaining relative humidity, regeneration of heat and moisture in ventilation system, etc. He is an author of more than 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals (cited in Scopus about 5,000 times, h-factor = 40), 28 patents, 8 book chapters and 2 books.


  • 低温度域での温度変換、乾燥、調湿など高度化を実現する新たな多孔材料複合塩を開発した。

  • 吸着ヒートポンプ、冷凍機を高効率化する新たな大温度差変換(Large Temperature Jump (LTJ))手法を 用いた吸着・脱着材料を開発した。

  • 水、メタノール、アンモニアの吸着材量への吸着現象を反応動力学的に検討し、その知見を熱駆動式ヒートポンプへ適用。

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Koptyug Award of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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