How to melt snow fast?

How to melt snow fast?


物質理工学院 Saulius Juodkazis特任教授の国際共著論文

“Black silicon as a highly efficient photo-thermal converter for snow/ice melting in early spring agriculture”

が、Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells   にオンライン掲載されました。(DOI:10.1016/j.solmat.2020.110706



We have investigated new nano materials for their applicability as ice/snow melting agents. They are based on nano-textured anti-reflective (hence black) Si and compared with standard agents used in the industry. Nano-needles of black-Si decrease surface reflectance and enhance absorption of sunlight by Si. The effective ice/snow melting properties of the black-Si based samples outperform the most widely used chaff charcoal. This newest solar photo-thermal conversion material/agent has high potential to the farming in early springs at relative cold regions.