◎会場:すずかけ台キャンパス G4棟2階大会議室

Dr. Petter Holme Dr. Petter Holme


13:00-13:10 Opening remarks by Professor Yasuharu Koike

13:10-14:10 “Computational network science: From small graphs to big data”

Dr. Petter Holme ( WRHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology)



Dr. Marko Jusup Dr. Marko Jusup

14:10-15:10 “Freedom of choice adds value to public goods in social-dilemma experiments”

Dr. Marko Jusup (WRHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Dr. Alain Barrat Dr. Alain Barrat

15:30-16:30 “Temporal contact networks”

Dr. Alain Barrat (WRHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology, CRNS)

Dr. Fernando Rosas Dr. Fernando Rosas

16:30-17:30 “Data-driven approaches for identifying emergent and synergistic phenomena in complex systems”

Dr. Fernando Rosas (Faculty of Medicine, Department of Brain Sciences, Imperial College London)


17:30-17:40 Closing remarks by Specially Appointed Professor Petter Holme