Manas Bhunia博士が特任助教として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました

Manas Bhunia博士が特任助教として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました


左から 小山 二三夫科学技術創成研究院長、Bhunia特任助教、Debraj Chandra特任准教授


Catalysis for clean energy conversion, nanomaterials, porous hybrid materials


My research focuses on addressing global challenges in the field of renewable energy and sustainable environment using chemical catalysis. The development of selective catalysts for chemical reactions using the tools of porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials is being particularly emphasized. The solid-liquid interface may be modulated systematically for efficient catalytic reactions. I plan to design nanomaterials for biofuel application, CO2 reduction, solar water splitting and heterogeneous catalysis.