Victor Streltsov博士が特任教授として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました。

Victor Streltsov博士が特任教授として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました。


Victor Streltsov特任教授に、小山二三夫科学技術創成研究院長より辞令交付しました。(左から小山研究院長、Victor Streltsov特任教授、川路均教授)


Biophysics, structural biology, synchrotron x-ray diffraction and x-ray spectroscopy, neurodegenerative desiases
This project aims to further extend collaboration of Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and School of Physics at the University of Melbourne with functional materials and neuroscience groups in Japan, in particular with Professor Hitoshi KAWAJI’s Materials and Structures Laboratory (MSL) of Tokyo Tech WRHI, in studies of thermo-physical properties of fibrillar structures and will be contributing to constructing the research hub involving labs in Japan and Australia. This project is well aligned with the mission of WHRI MSL in the search for novel scientific principles “that contribute to solve social issues and to bring better life.”

東京工業大学科学技術創成研究院フロンティア材料研究所 川路均教授