Mattanjah S. de Vries博士が特任教授として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました。

Mattanjah S. de Vries博士が特任教授として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました。


Mattanjah S. de Vries特任教授に、小山二三夫科学技術創成研究院長より辞令交付しました。(左から小山研究院長、de Vries特任教授、藤井正明教授)


The de Vries lab combines a number of advanced physical chemistry techniques for a novel approach to the study of individual molecules. This leads to a combination of physical and analytical chemistry by employing laser induced desorption of molecules from surfaces, photoionization, multiphoton spectroscopy, picosecond spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Included are studies of complex molecules, isolated biomolecules and clusters, and surface analytical applications.
Gas phase techniques enable the study of isolated molecules, free of interactions. A major thrust is the laser spectroscopy of isolated biomolecular building blocks. These include single DNA bases and amino acids, as well as their clusters with each other and with water molecules. These studies touch on questions such as: “What is the chemical origin of life?” What makes a peptide fold?”, “What cause pigments in works of art to fade?’, or “How is the machinery of life protected from UV radiative damage?” The UCSB lab studies the underlying photochemical processes in neutral molecules. The Fujii group at Tokyo Tech will study the same molecular systems in their ionic form. The combination of these two complementary approaches may be expected to deepen our insights in the fundamental chemistry of light interacting with matter.


東京工業大学科学技術創成研究院化学生命科学研究所 藤井正明教授