Sotiris Xantheas博士が特任教授として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました。

Sotiris Xantheas博士が特任教授として科学技術創成研究院に着任しました。


Sotiris Xantheas特任教授に、小山二三夫科学技術創成研究院長より辞令交付しました。(左から小山研究院長、Xantheas特任教授、Xantheas夫人)


We will study the bottom-up approach to molecular recognition in biological systems with a particular emphasis on neurotransmitters aiming at ultimately understanding their function at physiological conditions. We will reply on a combined experimental (Infrared spectroscopic) and theoretical (electronic structure calculations, interaction potential development and refinement, molecular dynamics simulations) approach. Especially, we will focus on identifying the conformers of neutral and protonated forms of adrenaline, noradrenaline, serotonin, nicotine and nornicotine in the gas phase and hydrated clusters as well as their conformational dependence on the environment under near physiological conditions.


東京工業大学科学技術創成研究院化学生命科学研究所 藤井正明教授