Integration of cell biology and material sciences

Group Leader Takafumi Ueno


Synthetic biology is a central research field in pharmaceutical and biocatalytic applications. At our satellite lab, we will accelerate the complete synthesis of designer proteins, their hybridization with metals and synthetic molecules, and the structural analyses of these complex molecules through international joint research. This research will stimulate new interdisciplinary research between the fields of synthetic biology and material science.

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By enhancing biologically-oriented research at Tokyo Tech, we will create and advance new interdisciplinary fields that incorporate chemistry, chemical biology, and biotechnology. This will further strengthen our international competitiveness.

Satellite LaboUeno Group

We will develop new biomolecules based on a range of synthetic methods. We will establish rational molecular and chemical reaction designs for pharmaceutical applications and fundamental research.

Protein synthesis

We synthesize peptides and proteins that enable efficient and selective protein modification. In particular, a fully automated high-speed flow system will allow high-molecular-weight protein synthesis that was difficult with conventional methods.

Hybrid synthesis

We will develop to controlling the function and structure of proteins with hybrid metal compounds and synthetic molecules. We aim to synthesize hybrid machine molecules that spontaneously promote chemical reactions and dynamics that were not possible with natural biomolecules.

Structural analysis

With state-of-the-art analysis technology, we will understand the relationship between the structure and function with the atomic-level, from high-throughput structural analysis to the structure determination of supramolecular proteins.

Biosynthesis of functional molecules

By designing the reaction at the genome level, we will realize efficient functional molecule synthesis and build a sustainable substance production system.


  • MIT

    B.L. Pentelute

    I am currently collaborating with an interdisciplinary group of researchers at the WRHI Satellite Lab, aiming to develop materials that facilitate drug discovery.

  • Univ. Manchester, UK

    Eriko Takano

    I’ve been excited about my new position at Tokyo Tech and looking forward to starting collaborations with your colleagues. Especially, the new WRHI satellite lab must become a hub where not only the Tokyo Tech researchers but also the international WRHI professors come together and exchange techniques and ideas. As the first step, Professor Yas Aizawa and I are planning a new collaboration on synthetic biology. 

  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (T.I.F.R.)

    S. Mazumdar

    The satellite lab would immensely benefit us in carrying out innovative research in this multidisciplinary area of science and provide opportunity to strengthen collaborations between Prof. Takafumi Ueno and other international researchers such as myself with expertise in diverse  areas and techniques.