Dr. Takafumi Ueno arrived back from MIT

Dr. Takafumi Ueno arrived back from MIT

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I visited the Pentelute lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by the WRHI international travel support program, and I had seminars at Tufts University and Boston College during this visit.

Prof. Bradley L. Pentelute(WRHI Specially Appointed Associate Professor) is a researcher specializing in the development of automated synthesizers for the efficient and selective modification of proteins and the synthesis of peptides for efficient drug delivery to cells. Specifically, he has successfully developed a fully automated flow peptide synthesizer (AFPS) that generates amide bonds several thousand times faster than commercially available equipment for solid-phase synthesis. With this technology, he rapidly expanded the synthesis of modified proteins for studying protein folding and the application of peptide macrocycles or antibody-drug conjugates to cancer drugs. We have ongoing collaboration research protein synthesis using AFPS. In this visit, we discussed our target proteins synthesized by AFPS with his members and the plans.

During the visit and seminar at Tufts University and Boston College, I visited some laboratories of computational science, synthetic biology, and synthetic polymer chemistry to discuss new collaborative research through interdisciplinary exchanges.

Finally, I would like to thank WRHI for supporting the visit for our current collaboration research. In the future, based on this research exchange obtained through the visit, we plan to promote such international collaborations as the world research hub actively.

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