WRHI Open Seminar, held on 26 March

WRHI Open Seminar, held on 26 March

Event Reports

“Beyond Badger’s Rule: The Origins and Generality of the Structure−Spectra Relationship of Aqueous Hydrogen Bonds”

Professor Sotiris Xantheas (Laboratory Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, U Washington, WRHI Tokyo Tech )
26th March2019 @ Room #314, R1-Bldg 3F


New theory that reveal the intermolecular distance from spectroscopic data was presented. The theory was started from the rule proposed by Prof Badger who was supervisor of Prof Xantheas. OH stretching vibrational frequencies were calculated for more than 200 examples and distance-frequency plot clearly explained by Prof Xantheas’ theory. It enables us to measure the bond length at the precision of pico/sub picometer.

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