Natsue Yoshimura


Natsue Yoshimura

Associate Professor

Biological Signal ProcessingHuman Interface

Expectations for WRHI

To promote collaborative researches with top-level researchers form outside of Japan.

Research Projects

  • Development of a self care support system based on electroencephalography

    The project aims to support individual self-care of mental and physical health using a brain-machine interface based on electroencephalography. Brain activity signals are expected to reveal mental fluctuation and motion adjustment ability so that individuals can monitor mental and physical conditions and find covert risks before they becomes serious symptoms. The proposed system will provide health indices through self-monitoring on daily basis.


  • Visualization and Skill Tradition for knowledge of dexterity

    In this research, we aim to develop equipment and structure that can be passed on to people by visualization.Especially on issues that require the control of the force, to measure and analyze the work of Takumi such as "intuition" or "remember in the body", to understand the problem to the extent possible program.
    Implementation period: December 2018~March 2021
    Related researchers: Natsue Yoshimura, Hiroyuki Kambara, Atsushi Takagi

    Skillstraditionmusculoskeletal modelelectroencephalogram

  • Development of a new brain machine interface based on brain prediction function

    In this research, under the hypothesis that a motion command is generated so as to correct the error between the future state prediction by the movement and the target state, under the hypothesis that this error information is extracted from the brain activity, it seems like to manipulate his / her body We aim to create a brain machine interface that manipulates robots.
    Implementation period: April 2018~March 2019
    Related researchers: Yasuhiro Wada, Hidekazu Yoshida, Ganesh Gowrishankar, Hideyuki Ando, Natsue Yoshimura

    Prediction errorEEGHuman interface

  • Development of robot control technology recognizing comfort and integration with people

    IWe aim to develop control technology of robot which can be recognized and operated as a part of the body without being conscious of the machine by being integrated with the person.
    Implementation period: April 2018~March 2021
    Related researchers: Natsue Yoshimura, Hiroyuki Kambara, Atsushi Takagi

    EEGmusculoskeletal modelhuman interface

2012 - 2013

Assistant Professor, Gender Equality Promotion Section, Tokyo Institute of Technology

2014 - 2015

Associate Professor, P&I Labs, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Associate Professor, IIR, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Japanese Neural Network Society the Research Award of Excellence
Three-dimensional Fingertip Trajectory Decoded from Electrocorticogram of Human Cerebral Cortex
Yasuhiko Nakanishi (Tokyo Tech), Takufumi Yanagisawa (Osaka Univ), Duk Shin, Hiroyuki Kambara, Natsue Yoshimura (Tokyo Tech), Ryohei Fukuma (ATR), Haruhiko Kishima, Masayuki Hirata (Osaka Univ), Yasuharu Koike (Tokyo Tech):NC2014-102


Japanese Neural Network Society the Research Award of Excellence
Muscle synergy recruitment during arm movements in patients with hemiparesis
Toshihiro Kawase (Tokyo Tech), Atsuko Nishimura, Atsuko Nishimoto, Fumio Liu (Keio Univ.), Hiroyuki Kambara, Natsue Yoshimura, Yasuharu Koike (Tokyo Tech) NC2015-38


Best Paper Awards, International Conference on Brain-Computer Interfaces and Assistive Technologies


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