Satoru Tsushima

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Satoru Tsushima

Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Computational ChemistryCoordination ChemistryMolecular DynamicsSpectroscopy


I obtained Ph.D. degree at the University of Tokyo on a topic related to nuclear chemical engineering.
After completing Ph.D., I worked few years in Japan first as a postdoc and later as an associate professor. In 2005, I moved to Europe and worked in Sweden, France, and finally in Germany where I now work as a senior scientist at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR). Since 2017, I became a faculty member of WRHI.

Expectations for WRHI

WRHI program gives me an opportunity to maintain intimate contact with a research group at Tokyo Tech. In my particular case, as being a computational actinide chemist, I have ongoing strong collaboration with experimental actinide chemistry group led by Prof. Koichiro Takao. WRHI program supports us to visit each other and to have joint experiments from our shared ideas thereby strongly facilitating our collaboration. The program also makes it possible for me to have access to TSUBAME 3.0 supercomputing facility.

Research Projects

  • Quantum Chemical Calculations for Actinide Coordination Chemistry and Spectroscopy

  • Aquatic Actinide Chemistry and Thermodynamics under Elevated Temperature Conditions

  • Fragment Molecular Orbital Calculation on Metal-Bound Biological Polymers

  • Interaction of uranyl and peptides

    Project summary: Computational modeling of engineered peptides that can selectively bind uranium. The idea of the project is to model such peptides computationally and to experimentally prove their high selectivity.
    Periods: April 2019 – March 2022
    Members: Satoru Tsushima (PI), Koichiro Takao

    uranyl ionpeptideDFTNMR


  • Die Welt (German Newspaper), “The role of water H-bond imbalances in B-DNA substate transitions and peptide recognition revealed by time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy” (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133(15), 5834-5842)

1999 - 2003

Assistant Prof., Univ. Tokyo

2003 - 2005

Associate Prof., Nagoya Univ.

2005 - 2006

Visiting Prof., Stockholm Univ.

2006 -

Senior Scientist, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

2017 -

Specially Appointed Associate Professor , Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Promising Endeavor Award: Atomic Energy Society of Japan, (2003.3)


Waste Management Symposia 2004 Best Poster Award: Nuclear Engineering Divition of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (2005.2)


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H.Khesbak, O.Savchuk, S.Tsushima, K.Fahmy “The role of water H-bond imbalances in B-DNA substate transitions and peptide recognition revealed by time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy” J. Am. Chem. Soc2011133, 5834-5842.


Takao, K.; Tsushima, S.; Ogura, T.; Tsubomura, T.; Ikeda, Y. “Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Redox Innocence of Ligands in Uranyl Complexes: What is Formal Oxidation State of Uranium in Reductant of Uranyl(VI)?” Inorg. Chem201453, 5772-5780.


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