Misako Takayasu


Misako Takayasu


Econo-Socio-PhysicsStatistical PhysicsComplex NetworkSocial Simulation

Research Projects

  • Functional classification of nodes in complex networks and application to the critical point control

  • Sales number fluctuations observed by POS data of convenience stores

  • Estimation of transaction amount by a gravity-type model of B-to-B network, and application in the governmental information platform, RESAS

  • Origin of fluctuation-dissipation relation in financial markets based on high-frequency data

  • Analysis and modeling of growth mechanism of complex business transaction network


  • “Network Anatomy Controlling Abrupt-like Percolation Transition” has been published in Scientific Reports by the Nature Publishing Company.

  • International Conference Asia-Pacific Econophysics Conference 2016 -Big Data Analysis and Modeling toward Super Smart Society- has been organized by ADAM supported by JST and MOST. More than 120 participants from various countries were attended.

  • Research topics of ADAM have been reported in Nikkei-Sangyo News Paper.


 Keio University, Department of Science and Engineering, Assistant Professor


Future University-Hakodate, Associate Prof.


Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science, Associate Professor.


Centre for TDB Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling, Director.


Institute of Innovative Research, Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Unit (ADAM), Unit Leader, Associate Professor.


Institute of Innovative Research, Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Unit (ADAM), Unit Leader, Professor.


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Matsuo Yamashita Rios de Sousa, Hideki Takayasu, Didier Sornette, Misako Takayasu,  “Power-Law Distributions from Sigma-Pi Structure of Sums of Random Multiplicative Processes”, Entropy , 19(8), 417, (2017).


Hayato Goto, Eduardo Viegas, Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen, Hideki Takayasu, Misako Takayasu,  “Appearance of Unstable Monopoly State Caused by Selective and Concentrative Mergers in Business Networks”, Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 5064(2017).


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