Atsushi Takagi

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Atsushi Takagi

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

Computational Neuroscience


Atsushi Takagi received his MSci in Physics from Imperial College in 2011. He received his PhD in 2016 on the "Mechanism of interpersonal sensorimotor interaction", which examined how pairs, like during Tango dancing, coordinate their actions. He uncovered the mechanism that enables physically interacting partners to exchange certain information through through haptics (or forces at the hand). This mechanism can be implemented as a robotic partner to physically assist humans as human partners do.

Atsushi joined WRHI in 2017, and is recently interested in how humans interact with their environment using handheld tools, from learning to carve wood to baseball batting.

Expectations for WRHI

WRHI is formed of world-leading researchers with a rich variety of expertise and experience across a vast field of research areas in engineering, physical, and biological sciences. The various discussions I have with my WRHI colleagues have injected new insights and future directions for my research. As an early-stage researcher, WRHI gives invaluable access to experienced individuals from whom I can learn from.


University of Tokyo, Sasakawa researcher

Advanced Telecommunications Research (ATR), Japan, Collaborative researcher


Imperial College London, Research Associate


Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor


Neural Control of Movement Scholarship


2016 A. Takagi, N. Beckers, and E. Burdet, “Motion plan changes predictably in dyadic reaching,” PLoS ONE.

2016 A. Takagi, C. Bagnato, and E. Burdet, “Facing the partner influences exchanges in force,” Scientific Reports.


2017 A. Takagi, G. Ganesh, T. Yoshioka, M. Kawato, and E. Burdet. “Physically interacting individuals estimate the partner’s goal to enhance their movements,” Nature Human Behaviour.