Takashi Obi


Takashi Obi

Associate Professor

Social information systemsMedical information systemsMedical imagingInformation security

Research Projects

  • Developed a smartcard authentication technology (Patent No. 5300026) and put it into practical use for the Public Certification Service for Individuals with my number card.


  • “Introductory Interview: Expansion of utilization of the Public Certification Service for Individuals considering introduction cost is key to institutionalization” was published in My Number Magazine Monthly Local Government Solution, June, 2016 (in Japanese).

  • Our research implemented in My number Card was introduced in ” ‘Authentication only by holding up’, Know the technical specification of the My Number Card”, Nikkei Computer. Oct. 20, 2015,.


Research Associate, School of Engineering, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.


Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.


Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.


Associate Professor, Imaging Science and Engineering Lab., Tokyo Inst. of Tech.


Associate Professor, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.


Japan Medical Imaging Technology Incentive Award


Medical Imaging Technology Paper Award


Yunsang Oh, Hyoungshick Kim, Takashi Obi. Privacy-Enhancing Queries in Personalized Search with Untrusted Service Providers, IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol. E95-D, No. 1, pp. 143-151, Jan. 2012


Isnaini Ismet, Takashi Obi, et.al., Monte Carlo simulation of efficient data acquisition for an entire-body PET scanner, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Elsevier, Vol. 751, pp. 36–40, Jul. 2014.

Tatsuya Kon, Takashi Obi, et.al., Validation of a Fast Block-Iterative Spatio-temporal Reconstruction Algorithm for Small Animal Dynamic PET Data, Advanced Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 3, pp. 7-13, Apr. 2014.