Kayoko Nohara

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Kayoko Nohara


LinguisticsTranslation StudiesScience and Art/Design

Research Projects

  • Published a book from Peter Lang, Oxford on otherness in translation of popular literature:Kayoko Nohara Translating Popular Fiction: Embracing Otherness in Japanese Translation. Peter Lang: Oxford, 2018.


  • The article on “The Experiment” Tokyo Tech x Central Saint Martin’s joint symposium appeared in The Science News.

  • Research on contextual translation system development was introduced in Nikkei Industrial Daily and Nikkei NP(web selection).

  • ”Existential Wearables: Tokyo in 10 years – what are we wearing?” our original wearables concepts were presented in Shibuya Hikarie. (Funded by Arts Council Tokyo).

1995 - 1996

Lecturer, The Oriental Institute, Univ of Oxford

1998 - 2000

PD, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

2000 - 2002

Assistant Professor, Gakushuin Univ.

2003 - 2004

Int’l Researcher, Catholic Univ. of Leuven

2004 - 2012

Assoc. Professor, Int’l Student Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology

2012 - 2016

Professor, Int’l Student Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology

2016 -

Professor, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Engineering Education Awards  “Best Paper Award”   Award for article  Journal of Japanese Society for Engineering Education.


Best Teacher Award(Tokyo Tech)  The Best Prize


Best Teacher Award(Tokyo Tech)  ACEEES


Kayoko Nohara “Moulded Otherness: On the Strategic Use of Proper Names in Popular Japanese Literature”  Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning Department of Translation Studies, University of Helsinki 3, 2006.


Kayoko Nohara, Shishin Kawamoto, Osamu Kusakabe ” Global Engineer no Jinzai Ikusei ni muketa Tokyo Tech ni okeru Kokusaika no Kokoromi” Kougaku Kyouiku vol.56-4, pp.114-122.7.2008


Kayoko Nohara. Discussion kara Manabu Honyaku Gaku. Translation Studies Nyumon. Sanseido. Jun. 2014


Kayoko Nohara “Translation education in the Japanese university setting: developing global communication skills for students”, The Journal of Translation Studies, Korean Association of Translation Studies, Vol.16-4, pp.44-61, 2015.

Isamu Amir & Kayoko Nohara “The relationship between text and illustrations in a translated science book for children from 19th-century Japan”, New Voices in Translation Studies 12, pp.1-29, 2015.

Kayoko Nohara, Fumio Nakaya, Minoru Nakayama. “An early trial in science and technology literacy that can be see in the translation and editing of post-war science teaching materials.” Invitation to Translation Studies, Vol. 13, pp. 29-52, May. 2015.


Kayoko Nohara. Translating Popular Fiction: Embracing Otherness in Japanese Translation. Peter Lang: Oxford・Bern・Berlin・Brussels・New York・Wien, 2018.