Tomoji Nakamura

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Tomoji Nakamura

Specially Appointed Professor

hin film process and characterizationSemiconductor materials, processes, and devicesLSI interconnects and reliability physics

Research Projects

  • Characterized advanced materials and the interfacial structures for improving compound semiconductor device properties and LSI metallization reliabilities (1984-1999)

  • Developed advanced materials for improving metallization process, such as PVD-TiN and – Al, Ti and Co silicide, and electroplated Cu (1994-2000)

  • Directed and developed Cu/Low-k interconnect technologies from 90 nm to 45 nm node, and researched reliability-related failure mechanisms of Cu damascene interconnects (2000-2006)

  • Directed and developed Fan-out wafer level packaging with heterogeneous devices (2007-2013)

  • Developed characterization methodologies of materials and processes for 3D-stacked LSIs (2012-)


Ph. D. University of Tokyo

1984 - 1994

Researcher, Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

1994 - 1999

Senior Researcher, Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

1999 - 2006

Director, LSI Materials Department, Fujitsu Labs.

2007 - 2013

Senior Vice President, Devices & Materials Labs., Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

2013 - 2016

Senior Expert, Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.

2016 -

Specially Appointed Professor, FIRST, Tokyo Tech


Fellow, Japan Society of Applied Physics
Advanced Metallization Conference Award


SSSJ Outstanding Contribution Award, The Surface Science Society of Japan
Technical Award, The Japan Institute of Electronics packaging
SSSJ Review Paper Award, The Surface Science Society of Japan


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