Yui Jin

Cell Biology

Yui Jin

Specially Appointed Associate Professor

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I love science, art and eating. Recently I’ve come to realize that like art, originality is one of the most important things in the work of a scientist. I always try to see things from an original perspective and make my own unique contribution.
We have 365 days per year, and have to eat 3 times every day, so what we eat is very important. Food can also be a great source of enjoyment. I try to eat good food every day and enjoy life!

Expectations for WRHI

The most important benefit for me is that the WRHI has provided me with a chance to continue my research project at Tokyo Tech. Thanks to the WRHI staff, I can focus on my research in an excellent research and educational environment. Also, I’m a member of the cell biology center within the WRHI. The center has essential research equipment for my research, and there is a great scientific atmosphere to move my research forward.

Research Projects

  • How do cells ensure the presence of functional organelles?

    Eukaryotic cells (including our own) must keep all sub-cellular compartments (called organelles) during cell division, because even cells that retain their genome (DNA) can’t survive without functional organelles. I’m aiming to understand the molecular mechanism responsible for the coordination between organelle maintenance and the cell cycle using several methods, including genetics, biochemistry and cell biological techniques. This research promises insights into not basic biology but also pathophysiology and therapeutic strategies for several diseased including cancers that show abnormal cell division and cell growth.
    2017.4- current
    2017- KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity start-up
    2018- KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)

    Organellecell cycleTORC1



University of Michigan, Life Sciences Institute, Research Investigator


U. of Michigan, Assistant Research Scientist


U. of Michigan, Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Tokyo Institute of Technology, IIR, Specially Appointed Associate Professor


Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Myosin V transports secretory vesicles via a Rab GTPase cascade and interaction with the exocyst complex. Jin Y, Sultana A, Gandhi P, Franklin E, Hamamoto S, Khan AR, Munson M, Schekman R, Weisman LS. (2011) Dev Cell. Dec 13;21(6):1156-70. [Faculty of 1000]


Overlap of cargo binding sites on myosin V coordinates the inheritance of diverse cargoes. (2012) Eves PT, Jin Y, Brunner MJ, Weisman LS J. Cell Biol. 198(1):69-85


Close encounters of the lysosome-peroxisome kind. Jin Y, Strunk BS, Weisman LS. (2015) Cell 161(2):197-8

The vacuole/lysosome is required for cell-cycle progression. Jin Y, Weisman LS. (2015) eLife 4, e08160


CDK5/Pho85 regulation of PI3,5P2 lipid signaling from the vacuole/lysosome provides early protection to stress prior to long-term adaptation. (2017) Jin N, Jin Y, Weisman LS. J. Cell Biol, 216(7):2075-2090