Volodymyr Chernenko


Volodymyr Chernenko

Specially Appointed Professor

Solid state physicsPhysics of phase transitions in solidsMagnetismHigh pressure physicsFunctional materialsMetallurgy


Prof. Volodymyr A. Chernenko graduated Moscow State University in 1975. He has got his PhD degree in Chemical Physics from the same University in 1980. He has 35 years of research experience in centres in Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Italy, United States, France, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong and Russia. He is currently holding a permanent position as Ikerbasque Research Professor at BCMaterials & University of Basque Country. Professional interest is in solid state physics, physics of phase transitions in solids, magnetism, high pressure physics, functional materials, metallurgy and, in particular, focused on research and development of the multifunctional magnetic shape memory materials, magnetomechanics of martensites, thin films and nanotechnologies of the ferromagnetic martensitic materials. Author and co-author of 315 original papers in ISI scientific journals and book chapters with more than 6000 citations and h-index equal to 39. He is author of 14 patents. He is International Fellow Awardee of the Helmholtz Association (Germany) in 2014. He is world-wide known as one of the founders of the new research area “Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys” being organizer and/or invited speaker of many International conferences and symposia on this subject.

Expectations for WRHI

Conducting research at WRHI for me means getting mutual benefits from very successful collaboration of my group in Spain and Precision and Intelligence Laboratory of TITECH leaded by Prof. H. Hosoda sensei. The synergism of our joint efforts serves to further progress in the field of magnetic shape memory alloys and in advancing of fundamental and applied aspects of these materials. Our contribution
already counts many publication approaching to ten. Several invited talks at the international conferences were presented.

Research Projects

  • The Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys

    The Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys have been developed by the group of V. A. Chernenko in the late of 80th which led to the discovery of magnetic shape memory effect (MSME) resulting in establishment of new interdisciplinary research field in the smart materials exhibiting martensitic transformation. Several new phenomena, such as (i) magnetic-field-induced superelasticity; (ii) twinning-strain-induced change of the magnetization in the ferromagnetic martensites, (iii) new postcritical state exhibiting a non-hysteretic giant superelasticity and (iv) martensite rejuvenation have been found in magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs) experimentally and explained theoretically.

1975 - 1978

Research assistant, Moscow State University

1978 - 1984

Research Associate, Institute of Metal Physics, NASU, Kiev, Ukraine

1984 - 1996

Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Metal Physics, NASU, Kiev, Ukraine


Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Magnetism NASU, Kiev, Ukraine

2004 - 2005

Research Professor, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

2005 - 2008

Head of the group on magnetism, IENI, CNR, Lecco, Italy

2008 -

Ikerbasque Research Professor, BCMaterials & Dpto de Electricidad y Electronica, Universidad del Pais Vasco, UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain

2017 -

Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Man of the Year 2000 certified by  American Biographical Institute


Awards of Board of Governors of Acta&Scripta Materialia Inc. for the excellent reviewing 


Awards of Board of Governors of Acta&Scripta Materialia Inc. for the excellent reviewing 


Awards of Board of Governors of Acta&Scripta Materialia Inc. for the excellent reviewing 


Awards of Board of Governors of Acta&Scripta Materialia Inc. for the excellent reviewing 


Helmholtz International Fellow Award from Helmholtz Association of Germany


Awards of Board of Governors of Acta&Scripta Materialia Inc. for the excellent reviewing 


Award of Board of Governors of Acta&Scripta Materialia Inc. for the excellent reviewing


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