Illuminating and Killing Cancer Cells by siRNA-armed Ultra Quenchbody

Illuminating and Killing Cancer Cells by siRNA-armed Ultra Quenchbody

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  (Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science / Dr. Hiroshi Ueda and Dr. Jinhua Dong)

“Detection and destruction of HER2-positive cancer cells by Ultra Quenchbody-siRNA complex.”

Biotechnol. Bioeng.(DOI:

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Ultra Quenchbody (UQ-body) is a biosensor that utilizes the quenching behavior of the fluorescent dye linked to the antibody V region. When the corresponding antigen is bound to the UQ-body, the fluorescence is restored and allows the detection of target molecules easily and sensitively. In this paper, we constructed UQ-bodies to sensitively detect the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) cancer marker in solution or on cancer cells, which was further used to kill the cancer cells. A synthetic Fab fragment of anti-HER2 antibody Fab37 with many Trp residues at hypervariable region was prepared and labeled with fluorescent dyes to obtain the UQ-bodies. The UQ-body could detect HER2 in solution at concentrations as low as 20 pM with an EC50 of 0.3 nM with a fourfold response. Fluorescence imaging of HER2-positive cells was successfully performed without any washing steps. To deliver small interfering RNA (siRNA) to cancer cells, a modified UQ-body with C-terminal 9R sequence was also prepared. HER2-positive cancer cells were effectively killed by polo-like kinase 1 siRNA intracellularly delivered by the UQ-body-9R. The novel approach employing siRNA-empowered UQ-body could detect and image the HER2 antigen easily and sensitively, and effectively kill the HER2-positive cancer cells.