Lecture Series 5 with three WRHI’s bliliant researchers

Lecture Series 5 with three WRHI’s bliliant researchers

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The WRHI Lecture series, in which WRHI invited researchers who are active in the front lines of the world to provide updates on the latest topics, will be held the fifth time on July 29th. Faculty, staff and students are welcomed in the open communication space of the Suzukakedai R2 building.

Time and day: From 4PM to 5:30PM, Monday, July  29

Reservation are not required.


志見 剛


The first lecture ; 4:05-4:35

“Nuclear lamins provide structural framework that anchors nuclear pore complexes”

by Dr.Takeshi Shimi


Silvia Haindl


The second lecture: 4:35-5:05
“Superconductivity meets Magnetism”
by Dr. Silvia Haindl

Superconductivity and magnetism are two well known macroscopic quantum phenomena and ground states of matter.

The lecture will explore their competition and coexistence and will discuss implications for Fe-based superconductors.



The third lecture: 5:05-5:35

“Antibody Engineering for Exploring Novel Analytical Technologies andMedicines”

by Dr. Jinhua Dong