4th WRHI Workshop on Asian Industry Highway (AIH)

4th WRHI Workshop on Asian Industry Highway (AIH)

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4th WRHI Workshop on Asian Industry Highway

Date: November 8, 8:30am~17:30pm
Venue: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

This workshop is aiming to enforce cooperation among Asian countries, so-called Asian Industry Highway (AIH) program in Tokyo Tech, based on electronics and industrial technologies. 4th workshop was focused on electric vehicle (EV), artificial intelligence (AI), and sensor technologies for the connected vehicle society.

The workshop was sponsored by WRHI of Institute of Innovative Research (IIR) in Tokyo Institute of Technology and co-sponsored by Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories (EOSL) in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

Participants: 129 participants including 33 people from Japan.


Opening Remarks

Dr. Jupiter Hu, who is deputy general director of EOSL in ITRI, made a congratulatory address for the workshop and gave a brief introduction to ITRI.

Brief introduction of workshop

Dr. Takayuki Ohba, Professor in Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST ), IIR, and the chair of the steering committee, gave a brief introduction to IIR and WRHI, and explanations for the history and targets of this workshop.

Key Note

Dr. Ryoji Kanno, the leader of All-Solid-State Battery Unit, IIR, delivered a key-note lecture entitled “All-solid-state battery – Developments of Materials and Devices” regarding the trends and requirements for electric-vehicle (EV) batteries, R&D histories of all-solid-state Li-ions batteries, and the new ionic conducting materials with the LGPS (Li10GeP2S12)-type, which were discovered by his group.

Invited speech1

Mr. Chris Hung in Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan, gave an invited talk entitled “Development of Intelligent Vehicles–From the perspectives of ICT industry–” regarding safety and smart EV technologies with making excellent use of ICT.

Invited speech2

Dr. Satoshi Tanimoto, Deputy General Manager, NISSAN ARC, LTD. presented an invited talk entitled “Extremely Compact Half-Bridge SiC Power Modules Built into EV In-Wheel Motor” regarding SiC power module technologies developed under the “NEDO, Strategic-Innovation Promotion” programs.

Invited speech 3

Dr. Tao-Chih Chang, Manager in ITRI, gave an invited talk entitled “Development of a DC-DC converter for 48V mild hybrid applications”, regarding new EV markets including E-scooters, forecasts of 48V mild hybrid EV markets, bi-directional DC-DC converter technologies, and embedded power “System in Package (SiP)” technologies.

Invited speech 4

Mr. Shunsuke Abe, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd, presented an invited talk entitled “Technology Trends of Passive devices” which includs thinning and downsizing histories, and technology trends of passive components such as ceramic capacitors, inductors, SAW filters, and future passives for future systems, especially high performance computer (HPC).

Special Talk

Dr. Kazuya Masu, President of Tokyo Tech., presented a special talk, entitled ”Research and International Activities at Tokyo Tec” regarding the research organization, members, and international activities including collaborations among Taiwan academia and the WRHI project.

Key Note 2

Dr. Tsuguo Nobe, Director, Intel Corp., delivered a key-note lecture entitled “Technology trends of IoT and Deep Learning toward the future development of automotive solutions, such as Self-driving and “Mobility as a Service””, regarding “Past, Present and Future” of the cars and ICT relations, and concepts of the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) delivered by self-driving cars connected with cloud infrastructures.

Invited speech 5

Dr. Peter Shih Hsin Ying, R&D Vice President of Actron Technology Corporation, gave an invited speech entitled “Voltage and Temperature Acceleration in Final Test to Replace Burn-in in Automotive Alternator Voltage Regulator IC on TO 200 Packaging” regarding quality and reliability certification technologies for semiconductor devices in the automobile, and new testing and assurance technologies supported by Actron Technology.

Invited speech 6

Dr. Nobuhiko Nishiyama, Assoc. Prof., School of Engineering in Tokyo Tech. gave an invited speech entitled “Heterogeneous photonic integration technology and its LiDAR applications” regarding heterogeneous-device integrations for photonic integrated circuits on Si platforms, and the application to Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems.

Invited speech 7

Dr. Li-Cheng Shen, Assistant Vice President of Wistron NeWeb Corp., gave an invited speech entitled ”Drive with 5G” regarding brief introductions to the Wistron group, and automotive and 5G wireless business strategies toward 2025.


There were 21 poster presentations, whose breakdown were 5 from Tokyo Tech, 8 from companies in Japan, and 8 from Taiwan.