Aleksandr Shkatulov

ノボシビルスク州立大学 学部2007-2012
ノボシビルスク州立大学 大学院 2012-2015
ノボシビルスク州立大学 工学博士 2016
ノボシビルスク州立大学 助手 2015
ボレスコフ触媒研究所: 研究員2012-2016




Research Highlights

  • 200-500oCの化学蓄熱を目的とした水酸化マグネシウム/水酸化カルシウム複合材料の開発。水酸化マグネシウム/バーミキュライト複合化学蓄熱材料の脱水、水和反応性研究
  • 化学蓄熱のための水酸化マグネシウム/水酸化カルシウムとアルカリ金属塩の不均一混合材料の開発、反応の物理化学的検討。
  • 化学蓄熱のための二重層構造を有する水酸化物の開発と反応動力学的検討、繰り返し反応耐久性検討。

Selected Awards

  • 2008
    Vorozhtsov’s scholarship
  • 2012
    Baker Hughes scholarship
  • 2012
    UMNIK scholarship
  • 2013
    Scholarship of Novosibirsk mayor (2013)

Selected Publications

  • A. Shkatulov, Yu. Aristov, Modification of magnesium and calcium hydroxides with salts: an efficient way to advanced materials for storage of middle-temperature heat, Energy, 2015, v.85, pp. 667-676.
  • A. Shkatulov, T. Krieger, V. Zaikovskii, Yu. Chesalov, Yu. Aristov, Doping magnesium hydroxide with sodium nitrate: a new approach to tune the dehydration reactivity of heat-storage materials, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2014, v.6, N.22, pp. 19966–19977.
  • A. Shkatulov, J. Ryu, Y. Kato, Yu. Aristov, Composite material “Mg(OH)2/Vermiculite”: a promising new candidate for storage of middle temperature heat, Energy, 2012, v.44, N.1, pp.1028-1034.
  • A. Shkatulov, Yu. Aristov, Salt-doped Mg(OH)2 and Ca(OH)2 as candidates for middle-temperature heat storage, Eurotherm Seminar 99 “Advances in Thermal Energy Storage” – Lleida, May 28, 2014, #01-28.
  • A. Shkatulov, Yu. Aristov, Layered double hydroxides as candidates for storage of middle-temperature heat, IVth International Symposium on Innovative Materials and Processes in Energy Systems, IMPRES 2016 – Taormina, October 23-26, 2016, P. 357-358.