Frank Uhlmann

2000-2004 Research Scientist, Imperial Cancer Research Fund
2005-2014 Senior Group Leader, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute
2015- Senior Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute
2017- Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

染色体動態 / 細胞周期 / 染色体分配 / 分子生物学

細胞制御工学研究センター(IIR, Tokyo Tech)
Francis Crick Institute(英国)


Research Highlights

  • 長年にわたり、Uhlmann研究室は、コヒーシン複合体が姉妹染色体接着の分子機構の解明について大きな貢献をしています。

Selected Awards

  • 1997年
    Promotionspreis, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology, University of Tübingen
  • 2002年
    EMBO Young Investigator
  • 2003年
    Balfour Lecturer of the Genetics Society
  • 2005年
    Hook Medal of the British Society for Cell Biology
  • 2006年
    EMBO Member
  • 2006年
    EMBO Gold Medal
  • 2015年
    Fellow of the Royal Society

Selected Publications

  • Yasuto Murayama, Catarina P. Samora, Yumiko Kurokawa, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Frank Uhlmann(2018) Establishment of DNA-DNA interactions by the cohesin ring. Cell  172, 465-477
  • Y. Murayama and F. Uhlmann (2015) DNA entry into and exit out of the cohesin ring by an interlocking gate mechanism. Cell 163, 1628-1640
  • Y. Murayama and F. Uhlmann (2014) Biochemical reconstitution of topological DNA binding by the cohesin ring. Nature 505, 367-371
  • C. Bouchoux and F. Uhlmann (2011) A quantitative model for ordered Cdk substrate dephosphorylation during mitotic exit. Cell 147, 803-814
  • S. Lopez-Aviles, O. Kapuy, B. Novak and F. Uhlmann (2009) Irreversibility of mitotic exit is the consequence of systems level feedback. Nature 459, 592-595
  • T. Rolef Ben-Shahar, S. Heeger, C. Lehane, P. East, H. Flynn, M. Skehel and F. Uhlmann (2008) Eco1-dependent cohesin acetylation during establishment of sister chromatid cohesion. Science 321, 563-566
  • E. Queralt, C. Lehane, B. Novak and F. Uhlmann (2006) Net1 phosphorylation and mitotic exit initiated by separase-dependent down-regulation of PP2ACdc55 phosphatase. Cell 125, 719-732
  • T. Higuchi and F. Uhlmann (2005) Stabilisation of microtubule dynamics at anaphase onset promotes chromosome segregation. Nature 433, 171-176
  • Lengronne, Y. Katou, S. Mori, S. Yokobayashi, G. P. Kelly, T. Itoh, Y. Watanabe, K. Shirahige and F. Uhlmann (2004) Cohesin relocation from sites of chromosomal loading to places of convergent transcription. Nature 430, 573-578