Simone Teufel

2001- University Teaching Officer at Cambridge University
            Computer Laboratory(Lecturer (2001), Reader (2010);
            Professor in Language and Information (2017)).
2017–   Specially Appointed Professor at Tokyo Institute of
2000–2001  Postdoctoral Fellow, Computer Science
                  Department, Columbia University
2000-    PhD in Cognitive Science, Edinburgh University
1994-    Diplom-Informatikerin, Stuttgart University
1993–1995  Researcher, Institut für maschinelle
                  Sprachverarbeitung (IMS-CL), University Stuttgart



情報理工学院(School of Computing, Tokyo Tech)



  • 談話解析
  • テキスト要約
  • テキスト理解
  • 言語処理の言語教育応用


  • 2017年 Special Session Best Paper Award, The 9th International Conference on
         Knowledge and Systems Engineering (KSE 2017).


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