Ludovico Minati

2016-現在 イタリア・ボルツァーノ自由大学 コンピュータサイエンス 講師
2016-現在 イタリア・トレント大学Center for Mind/Brain Science 客員研究員
2016-現在 ポーランド科学アカデミー原子物理学研究所 客員教授
2016-東京工業大学科学技術創成研究院 特任准教授


バイオインターフェース研究ユニット(IIR, Tokyo Tech)




  • Caldiroli D, Minati L. Method and device for remote detection, even in presence of radiation or strong electromagnetic fields, of the breathing pattern. Patent no. ITMI2005A000106.
  • Minati L, Vitali P. Method and device for remote detection of motor acts performed by a person undergoing magnetic resonance and not determined by physiological function. Patent no. ITMI2005A001223.
  • Minati L, Rampoldi S, Camisasca L. System and method for remote and non-invasive detection of physiological excretion and identification of the type of excretion. Application no. IT102015000066507.


  • 2018 Ludovico Minati. Across Neurons and Silicon: Some Experiments Regarding the Pervasiveness of Nonlinear Phenomena.  ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA B, Vol. 49 (2018), 2029-2093
  • 2018 Ludovico Minati, Mattia Frasca, Gianluca Giustolisi, Paweł Oświȩcimka, Stanisław Drożdż and Leonardo Ricci. High-dimensional dynamics in a single-transistor oscillator containing Feynman-Sierpiński resonators: Effect of fractal depth and irregularity. Chaos 28, 093112
  • 2017 Minati L., Yoshimura N. and Koike Y., Hybrid Control of a Vision-Guided Robot Arm by EOG, EMG, EEG Biosignals and Head Movement Acquired via a Consumer-Grade Wearable Device. IEEE Access, 2017, 4, 9528-9541
  • 2016 Minati L, de Candia A, Scarpetta S. Critical phenomena at a first-order phase transition in a lattice of glow lamps: Experimental findings and analogy to neural activity. Chaos. 2016; 26(7):073103
  • 2015 Minati L. Remote synchronization of amplitudes across an experimental ring of non-linear oscillators. Chaos 2015; 25(12):123107