For Visits Over 90 Days

All visitors staying longer than 90 consecutive days in Japan or those will receive a salary or remuneration (this excludes travel expenses) must obtain what is called a “Professor Visa” even if you will not fulfill professorship duties. Please visit our Visa and Certificate of Eligibility page for more details. For all foreigners staying in Japan over 90 days, regardless of whether you are staying in a hotel or temporary housing, you must register your address at your city office. We can advise you about this after your arrival.



For visitors invited to WRHI, with whom we have prior agreement to pay travel-related expenses, you will be reimbursed according to the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s university rules.


Airfare will cover the flight cost including fuel surcharges and airport and ticket taxes. WRHI’s expectation is for the flights to be booked in economy (or premium economy) or within that reasonable range. Any other expenses outside of your airfare should be covered by your per diem. This includes transportation to/from the airport, local transportation costs. If you are invited to visit IIR but your airfare will be covered by another institution, we will still need to receive a copy of your itinerary and copy of your boarding pass into Japan. The university regulations require these documents for accounting purposes. In the event that you are invited to Japan by another institution in addition to WRHI, please let us know as there may be cases where your travel expenses will be shared by the two institutions. If you change your itinerary after your initial plans (for example, to add a visit to another institute in Japan, or even for personal travel reasons) please notify us of those changes as well.

Airfare and Per Diem Reimbursement

WRHI will basically transfer your travel-related expenses pay in JPY cash upon your arrival at the Laboratory of Titech. Alternatively, we could into your bank account after the trip upon receiving necessary documents from you. In both cases, your itinerary, receipt and e-ticket copy have to be submitted to us at least 3 weeks before your departure date. On your first day at IIR, please stop by the WRHI office as we need to have your boarding passes as proof of your arrival. After the trip, your return flight boarding passes have to be sent to us as an email attachment.

Plane Ticket Arrangement

WRHI can book and pay for your ticket. WRHI will contact our appointed travel agent and purchase your ticket. We need to have your flight schedule, if applicable seat preference, window or aisle , special meal request, if any a scanned image of your passport.

Bank Transfer

We will need the following bank-related information below from you to process the wire transfer of your airfare and per diem reimbursement. After receiving all of your documents and information, it will take approximately three weeks to process.

  1. Name of the currency in which you would like to receive reimbursement
  2. Payee’s Account No.
  3. Payee’s name as registered on the account
  4. Payee’s address (Street, State)
  5. Payee’s address (Country)
  6. Payee’s Bank name
  7. Payee’s Bank branch
  8. Bank branch address (Street, State)
  9. Bank branch address (Country)
  10. SWIFT code

If you have any questions regarding reimbursement of travel-related expenses, please contact our office.



There are numerous hotel options in Tokyo/Yokohama, and depending on various factors such as what part of the city you would like to stay, what your budget is, and how familiar you are with the city, the accommodation recommendation would be different. We have therefore compiled a limited hotel list which focuses on 1) relatively convenient access from airport -> hotel -> IIR, and 2) reasonable in cost while providing quality for value. If you experience difficulty booking a room, please contact us and we will assist you. Please also note that hotel room rates in Japan are often based on per person, not by room. (For example, a twin room booked by a single person will be cheaper than when the same room is reserved for two.) We also advise you to specify whether you would like a smoking or non-smoking room, especially if you are sensitive to the residual smell of cigarettes. HOTEL & RESTAURANT AOBADAI FORUM

Tokyo Tech International House

Tokyo Tech has an International House for foreign faculty, researchers, and employees. Individuals wishing to stay at the International House, “residents”, are to submit the required documents and application forms only through the host researchers/institutes, “applicants.” Direct application or calls to the International House by prospective residents are not accepted. We will reserve your room. Please contact us as soon as you have some idea of when you would fly to Japan and be able to check-in to the International House. Because the couple rooms and family rooms in particular are often occupied, we need to contact the International Office in advance and see how we can make your reservation. You can send your packages directly to the International House. Your room number is not necessary. International House staff will be able to keep them in their office until you arrive there. International House Administration Office International House Main Building 2nd floor 1-1-18 Ishikawa-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0061 JAPAN You will be able to check into your room from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm on Monday-Friday. The front desk is not open during weekends and national holidays. You will need to stay in a hotel if you will not make the open hours of the front desk to check in.

Currency Exchange

Getting Yen

The recommended way of getting Japanese yen is at Narita or Haneda Airport. You can do it in two ways: either at an ATM with the PLUS or CIRRUS signs or through the bank window and change your home currency into yen. The reason why we suggest getting yen cash at the airport is because regular Japanese bank ATMs do not accept foreign bank cards. The only ATMs that accept foreign bank cards in 2014 are (1) Japan Post Bank, (2) inside Seven-Eleven convenience stores, and (3) Citibank Japan. All ATM machines will have an option for English instruction.

Japan Post Bank

Japan Post ATMs have a green sign that reads “JP Bank”. They accept the following cards for withdrawal transactions: PLUS, CIRRUS, VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, China UnionPay, and Discover. Check the below link for more information.


Seven-Eleven ATMs are located inside many Seven-Eleven convenience stores and are in service 24 hours. They accept the following cards for withdrawal: PLUS, CIRRUS, VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, China UnionPay, and Discover. Check the below link to find an ATM in your area.

Citibank Japan

Citibank Japan offers another possibility for 24 hour cash withdrawal though their ATM locations are limited. Please check the link below for ATM locations nearest to you. Your bank may have limits on how much money you can withdraw. If your first attempt does not work, please try requesting a small amount to see if the ATM will accept the transaction. Also important to keep in mind is that Japan remains a cash-based society. Many of the smaller restaurants and shops will not accept credit cards or traveler’s checks. There is no system of using personal checks. Debit cards are not accepted at Japanese stores most of the time.

Selling Yen

The best cash exchange rates are available at an airport, where an exchange incurs ~1% loss in value, which is far better than rates in other airports. This rate is regulated by the government, it is unlikely that you will find better rates elsewhere. Furthermore, selling your Yen only requires a few minutes time just before your departure from Japan, and therefore involves very little inconvenience. Narita Airport A list of currency exchanges The current day’s exchange rate Haneda Airport A list of currency exchange


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