Mika Goto

1992-2009  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Researcher
2009-2014  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Senior Researcher
2014-         Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor

Field of Specialization
Energy Economics, Management Engineering


School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Tech


Research Hub Group:Social Implementation international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Published a book from John Wiley & Sons: Environmental Assessment on Energy and Sustainability by Data Envelopment Analysis (3.2018)

  • Guest edited volume of Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy Vol. 5(1) was published(3.2016)


  • 12. 2018: The article on “Changing electricity supply business: Innovations in Germany” was published in Nextcom, vol.36

Selected Awards

  • 2017 Regional Science Association International RSPP Annual Paper Award For the Best Paper in Regional Science Policy and Practice 2018 (Regional Science Association International) (with Otsuka, A.)

  • 2011 Regional Science Association International The Martin Beckmann RSAI (Regional Science Association International) Annual Award for the Best Paper in Papers in Regional Science 2011 (with Otsuka, A., Sueyoshi, T.)

  • 2005 Society of Public Utility Economics, Encouraging Prize (Paper)

Selected Publications

  • M. Goto (2010) “Financial performance analysis of US and world telecommunications companies: Importance of Information Technology in the telecommunications industry after the AT&T breakup and the NTT divestiture,” Decision Support Systems, 48:3, pp. 447-456.
  • T. Sueyoshi and M. Goto (2011) “DEA approach for unified efficiency measurement: Assessment of Japanese fossil fuel power generation,” Energy Economics, 33:2, pp. 292-303
  • M. Goto, T. Inoue and T. Sueyoshi (2013) “Structural reform of Japanese electric power industry: Separation between generation and transmission & distribution,” Energy Policy, 56, pp. 186-200.
  • Goto, M., Mohammed Atris, A., Otsuka, A. (2018) “Productivity change and decomposition analysis of Japanese regional economies,” Regional Studies, Vol. 52(11), pp. 1537-1547.