Kayoko Nohara

1995-1996  Lecturer, The Oriental Institute, Univ of Oxford
1998-2000  PD, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2000-2002  Assistant Professor, Gakushuin Univ.
2003-2004  Int’l Researcher, Catholic Univ. of Leuven
2004-2012  Assoc. Professor, Int’l Student Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2012-2016  Professor, Int’l Student Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2016-         Professor, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
Linguistics,Translation Studies, Science and Art/Design


School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Tech


Research Hub Group:Social Implementation international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Published a book from Peter Lang, Oxford on otherness in translation of popular literature:Kayoko Nohara Translating Popular Fiction: Embracing Otherness in Japanese Translation. Peter Lang: Oxford, 2018.


  • 5. 2017 :The article on “The Experiment” Tokyo Tech x Central Saint Martin’s joint symposium appeared in The Science News.

  • 8. 2017 :Research on contextual translation system development was introduced in Nikkei Industrial Daily and Nikkei NP(web selection).

  • 9. 2018 :”Existential Wearables: Tokyo in 10 years – what are we wearing?” our original wearables concepts were presented in Shibuya Hikarie.  (Funded by Arts Council Tokyo).

Selected Awards

  • 2005 Engineering Education Awards  “Best Paper Award”   Award for article  Journal of Japanese Society for Engineering Education.

  • 2010   Best Teacher Award(Tokyo Tech)  The Best Prize

  • 2017 Best Teacher Award(Tokyo Tech)  ACEEES

Selected Publications

  • Kayoko Nohara. Translating Popular Fiction: Embracing Otherness in Japanese Translation. Peter Lang: Oxford・Bern・Berlin・Brussels・New York・Wien, 2018.
  • Kayoko Nohara, Fumio Nakaya, Minoru Nakayama. “An early trial in science and technology literacy that can be see in the translation and editing of post-war science teaching materials.” Invitation to Translation Studies, Vol. 13, pp. 29-52, May. 2015.
  • Isamu Amir & Kayoko Nohara “The relationship between text and illustrations in a translated science book for children from 19th-century Japan”, New Voices in Translation Studies 12, pp.1-29, 2015.
  • Kayoko Nohara “Translation education in the Japanese university setting: developing global communication skills for students”, The Journal of Translation Studies, Korean Association of Translation Studies, Vol.16-4, pp.44-61, 2015.
  • Kayoko Nohara. Discussion kara Manabu Honyaku Gaku. Translation Studies Nyumon. Sanseido. Jun. 2014
  • Kayoko Nohara, Shishin Kawamoto, Osamu Kusakabe ” Global Engineer no Jinzai Ikusei ni muketa Tokyo Tech ni okeru Kokusaika no Kokoromi” Kougaku Kyouiku vol.56-4, pp.114-122.7.2008
  • Kayoko Nohara “Moulded Otherness: On the Strategic Use of Proper Names in Popular Japanese Literature”  Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning Department of Translation Studies, University of Helsinki 3, 2006.