Yuriy Aristov

Boreskov Institute of Catalysis: Engineer 1977 – 1982, Researcher 1982 – 1986, Senior Researcher 1986 – 1995, Head of Group 1995 – 1997, Head of Laboratory 1997 – 2013,
Principle Researcher – since 2013
2007 – Professor of Physical Chemistry
2018-Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
(i)main field: Physical Chemistry (ii)other fields:Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis, Chemical Engineering (iii)current research interest: adsorption for energy conversion

Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy(IIR, Tokyo Tech)
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Russia)


Research Hub Group : Social Implementation Research International hub group

Research Highlights

  • New family of composite sorbents “salt in porous matrix” was developed and studied for transformation of low temperature heat, gas drying, maintaining relative humidity and other applications.
  • A new Large Temperature Jump (LTJ) method was suggested and developed to simulate and study the dynamics of isobaric ad/desorption in adsorptive heat transformers, chillers and heat pumps.
  • Dynamics of water, methanol, ammonia and ethanol adsorption was studied under various conditions of adsorptive chilling cycle as a function of the adsorbent grain size, bed thickness, boundary temperatures, etc.

Selected Awards

  • 2013
    Koptyug Award of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications

  • Yu.I. Aristov, G. Restuccia, G. Cacciola, V.N. Parmon, A family of new working materials for solid sorption air conditioning systems, Appl. Therm. Engn., 2002, v.22, N 2, pp.191-204.
  • Yu.I. Aristov, Novel materials for adsorptive heat pumping and storage: screening and nanotailoring of sorption properties, J. Chem. Engn. Japan, 2007, v. 40, N 13, pp. 1241-1251.
  • Yu.I. Aristov, Adsorptive transformation of heat: principles of construction of adsorbents database, Applied Therm. Engn., 2012, v. 42, pp. 18-24.
  • A.I. Shkatulov, J. Ryu, Yu. Kato, Yu.I. Aristov, Composite material “Mg(OH)2-vermiculite”: a promising new candidate for storage of middle temperature heat, Energy, 2012, V. 44, 1028-1034.
  • Yu.I. Aristov, Challenging offers of material science for adsorption heat transformation: a review, Appl. Therm. Engn., 2013, v. 50, N 2, pp. 1610-1618.
  • Yu.I. Aristov, Experimental and numerical study of adsorptive chiller dynamics: a loose grains configuration, Appl. Therm. Engn., 2013, v. 61, pp. 841-847.
  • Yu.I. Aristov, Concept of adsorbent optimal for adsorptive cooling/heating, Appl. Therm. Engn., 2014, v. 72, pp. 166-175.
  • Yu.I. Aristov, Adsorptive transformation and storage of renewable heat: review of current trends in adsorption dynamics, Ren. Energy, 2017, doi: 10.1016/j.renene.2016.06.055.