Kuan-Neng Chen

2000-2005  Ph.D., Dept. EECS, MIT
2005-2009  Research Staff Member, IBM TJ Watson Research                        Center
2009-2012  Associate Professor, Dept. Electronics Engineering,                      NCTU
2012-     Professor, Dept. Electronics Engineering, NCTU
2015-     Vice Dean, Intl College of Semiconductor Technology,                  NCTU
2016-     R&D Director, ITRI    

Field of Specialization
semiconductors,electronic materials,electrical engineering


Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of science and Technology(IIR, Tokyo Tech)
National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)


Research Highlights

  • 3D IC、Heterogeneous Integration、Advanced Packaging、Wafer Bonding、TSV


Selected Award

  • NCTU Distinguished Faculty Award, since 2011 every year
  • NCTU Outstanding Industry-Academia Cooperation Achievement Award, 2011, 2012, 2014
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE), 2014
  • Outstanding Service Award, Electronics Devices and Materials Association (EDMA), 2014
  • Outstanding Youth Award, Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE), 2012
  • Outstanding Youth Award, Electronics Devices and Materials Association (EDMA), 2010
  • Young Professor Award, Adventech, 2010

Selected Publications

  • “An Advanced 3D/2.5D Integration Packaging Approach Using Double-Self-Assembly Method with Complex Topography, and Micropin-Fin Heat Sink Interposer for Pressure Sensing System”, IEDM, 2016

  • “Integration of Neural Sensing Microsystem with TSV-embedded Dissolvable µ-Needles Array, Biocompatible Flexible Interposer, and Neural Recording Circuits”, VLSI, 2016.

  • “2.5D Heterogeneously Integrated Bio-Sensing Microsystem for Multi-Channel Neural Sensing Applications,” ISSCC, 2014.

  • “Through-Silicon-Via Based Double-Side Integrated Microsystem for Neural Sensing Applications”, ISSCC, 2013..