Kaoru Kuwata

1981-2003 Research Staff Member, NEC Corporation
2003-2010 Engineering and Business unit Manager, NEC Electronics Inc.
2010-2015 Senior Specialist, Renesas Electronics Inc.
2011-2015 Associate Researcher, Semiconductor Industry Research Institute Japan
2016-2018 Specially Appointed Professor(URA), IIR, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2018- Vice President for Research Development, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
Operating System, Computer Architecture, Marketing, Innovation diffusion

IIR, Tokyo Tech


Research Hub Group: Social Implementation international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Designed and developed the ITRON first edition at the TRON project that commercializes new embedded OS technology through industry-university collaboration. Promote commercialization and diffusion of domestic first real-time OS. (1981 – 1988).
  • At the same time as announcing the indirect effect of network externalities of Katz & Shapiro (1994), I published a paper on a diffusion model based on complementary relation (1994). At the same time, we promote collaborative projects with more than 100 complementary companies cooperating with semiconductor companies. Developing activities to develop strategies for growth of the semiconductor industry that will promote cooperation from application companies to semiconductor companies. (1989 – 2010)
  • Summarized the strategy of the semiconductor industry with core application cooperation as “smart social strategy”, formulated as consensus within the semiconductor industry. Proposed as “Next Generation Semiconductor Strategy aiming at Strengthening International Competitiveness” by the Industry Competitiveness Committee (COCN) in 2013. Influenced the establishment of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry R & D project since FY 2014. (2011 – 2015).

Selected Publications

  • K.kuwata, M.Fukuma(2015), “Evolution into smart society ~A challenge to a living where you can read ahead~” Nikkei-BP
  • Kuwata(2003),‘Management of Quality of relationship’, “ Brand relationship”, pp.95-pp.110 Dobunkan
  • T.Kojo, K.Kuwata(1987), “V60 Realtime OS with Fault-tolerant mechanism and Rendezvou mechanism”, Nikkei Electronics(417) 1987.03.23 pp.173-pp.201