Yukitaka Kato

1991-2002 Assistant Prof., Res. Lab. for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Inst. Tech.
2002-2014 Assoc. Prof., RLNR, Tokyo Tech.
2014-2016 Prof., RLNR, Tokyo Tech.
2016- Prof., LANE, Tokyo Tech

Field of Specialization
Chemical Engineering, Energy System, Energy Storage, Energy Conversion

Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy(IIR, Tokyo Tech)


Research Hub Group : Social Implementation international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Recovery of waste thermal energy for efficient energy usage is studied by using thermochemical energy storage technologies with material and reactor package developments. Hydrogen permeation membrane for efficient fuel reforming is researched. Active Carbon Recycling Energy System (ACRES) is discussed for low-carbon energy system driven by nuclear power and renewable energy resources.

Selected Awards

  • 2007
    Invention Award, Seiichi Tejima Memorial Award at Tokyo Tech

Selected Publications

  • Hiroki Takasu, Junichi Ryu, Yukitaka Kato, “Application of lithium orthosilicate for high-temperature thermochemical energy storage”, Applied Energy 193, 74–83(2017)
  • Massimiliano Zamengo, Juraj Tomaškovič, Junichi Ryu, Yukitaka Kato, “Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Expanded Graphite-Magnesium Hydroxide Composites for Packed Bed Reactors of Chemical Heat Storage/Pump Systems”, J. Chem. Eng. Japan, Vol. 49, No. 3, pp. 261-267(2016). 
  • E. Mastronardo, L. Bonaccorsi, Y. Kato, E. Piperopoulosa, M. Lanza, C. Milone, “Thermochemical performance of carbon nanotubes based hybrid materials for MgO/H2O/Mg(OH)2 chemical heat pumps”, Applied Energy, 181, pp. 232-243 (2016).
  • Yukitaka Kato, Yutaka Ujisawa, Hiroshi Sakai, Takanobu Inada, “Application of Carbon Recycling Iron-making System in a Shaft Furnace”, ISIJ Int’l, 55(2), pp. 359–364 (2015).
  • A. Shkatulov, J Ryu, Y. Kato, Y. Aristov, “Composite Material “Mg(OH)2/Vermiculite”: A Promising New Candidate for Storage of Middle Temperature Heat, Energy, 44, pp. 1028-1034 (2012)