Christophe Jouvet

– 1980 Phd University Paris Sud Orsay
– 1981Post Doc : James Franck Institute (Chicago)
– 1982 Permanent position: C.N.R.S.
– 1984 Researcher first class
– 1987 Post Doc at University of Nottingham
– 1994 Research Director second class at C.N.R.S.
– 2006 Research Director first class at C.N.R.S.

Field of Specialization
Spectroscopy, Chemical Physics,

Aix-Marseille Université(France)

Research Hub Group:Materials and Devices international hub group

Research Highlights

  • During my scientific career, I have been working on the photochemistry of isolated molecules and clusters. In the beginning I have developed a new method to catch the intermediate state of a bimolecular photochemical reaction by freezing the collision pair in a van der Waals complex.
    Going to larger systems I have evidenced the role of the hydrogen loss reaction in the excited state of aromatic molecules which lead to hydrogen transfer in cluster. This Hydrogen dynamics is now recognized as responsible of a lot of non radiative process in aromatic subsisted molecule. From 2004 to now, I have studied on the excited dynamics of the free protonated aromatic molecules. Since 2012 I moved to Aix-Marseille University where I have settle new ion cold trap experiment to study at high resolution the excited states of protonated ions.

Selected Awards

  • CNRS bronze medal in 1985, nominated for the CNRS silver medal 2005/2006 

Selected Publications

  • Kang, H.; Jouvet, C.; Dedonder-Lardeux, C.; Martrenchard, S.; Gregoire, G.; Desfrancois, C.; Schermann, J. P.; Barat, M.; Fayeton, J. A., Ultrafast deactivation mechanisms of protonated aromatic amino acids following UV excitation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2005, 7, (2), 394-398.
  • Sobolewski, A. L.; Domcke, W.; Dedonder-Lardeux, C.; Jouvet, C., Excited-state hydrogen detachment and hydrogen transfer driven by repulsive * states: A new paradigm for nonradiative decay in aromatic biomolecules. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2002, 4, (7), 1093-1100.
  • Breckenridge, W. H.; Jouvet, C.; Soep, B., Orbitally Selective Chemical-Reaction in Hg-H2 Van der waals Complexes. Journal of Chemical Physics 1986, 84, (3), 1443-1450.