Fumihiro Wakai

1980 Master of Science, Kyoto University (1988 Doctor of Engineering )
1980 Gov. Ind. Res. Inst. Nagoya, AIST, MITI
1997 Professor, MSL, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2015 Director, MSL, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2016 Director, Laboratory for Materials and Structures, IIR, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2017 Professor, Laboratory for Materials and Structures, IIR, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
Materials processing, microstructure control, Inorganic materials: properties

Laboratory for Materials and Structures(IIR, Tokyo Tech)


Research Hub Group:Materials and Devices Research International Hub Group

Research Highlights

  • Finding of ceramics superplasticity for the first time in the world.(1985.07)
  • Mechanical principles behind sintering in micro- and macro scales


  • March 2017
    We developed a method to estimate thermodynamic driving force of sintering from the analysis of X-ray microtomography (Journal of the American Ceramic Society 2017)
  • June 2016
    We developed a micro-mechanical test method using micro-cantilever beam specimens to determine the very early part of resistance curve (Scientific Reports2015, Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, Kagaku Kogyo Nippou)


  • Science and Technology Agency Award (4/1988)
  • Shimpo Award of Ceramic Society of Japan (4/1989)
  • MITI Award of Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (6/1994)
  • Academic Award of Ceramic Society of Japan (5/2004)
  • The American Ceramic Society, Fellow (10/2008)
  • The World Academy of Ceramics, Academician (8/2011)


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