1989-1993 Institute for Molecular Science, Research Associate
1993-2002 Tohoku University, Department of Chemistry, Research Associate
2002 – Tohoku University, Department of Chemistry, Associate Professor

Field of Specialization
Physical Chemistry・Molecular Spectroscopy・Clusters・Intermolecular Interactions

Tohoku University

Research Hub Group:Materials and Devices international hub group

Research Highlights

  • The first spectroscopic observation of gas phase clusters bound by a two-center three-electron bond(2017.01)


  • Jan. 2017
    A paper on the first spectroscopic observation of gas phase clusters bound by a two-center three-electron bond was published in Chemical Science (The Royal Society of Chemistry), and this paper was introduced by Chemistry World as a research highlight.

Selected Awards

  • 1997
    Chemical Society of Japan, Award for Young Researcher Award
  • 2003
    Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific Measurements Award for Scientific Measurements
  • 2003
    Morino Foundation for the promotion of Molecular Science
  • 2016
    Japan Society of Molecular Science, Award for International Creative Work

Selected Publications

  • Dandan Wang, Asuka Fujii, Spectroscopic observation of two-center three-electron bonded (hemi-bonded) structures of (H2S)n+ clusters in the gas phase. Chem Sci8, 2667-2670 (2017).
  • Ying-Cheng Li, Toru Hamashima, Ryoko Yamazaki, Tomohiro Kobayashi, Yuta Suzuki, Kenta Mizuse, Asuka Fujii, Jer-Lai Kuo, Hydrogen-bonded ring closing and opening of protonated methanol clusters H+(CH3OH)n (n =4-8) with the inert gas tagging. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys17, 22042-22053 (2015).
  • Kenta Mizuse, Naohiko Mikami, Asuka Fujii, Infrared spectra and hydrogen-bonded network structures of large protonated water clusters H+(H2O)n (n=20-200). Angew. Chem. Int. Ed49, 10119-10122 (2010).
  • Mitsuhiko Miyazaki, Asuka Fujii, Takayuki Ebata, Naohiko Mikami,, Infrared spectroscopic evidence for protonated water clusters forming nanometer cages. Science304, 1134-1137 (2004).