Satoru Kobayashi

2002-2006 Max Planck Institute fuer Eisenforschung GmbH Researcher
2006-2011 Tohoku Univ. Assistant Professor
2011-2014 National Institute for Material Science Principal researcher
2015-2016 Tokyo Tech Dept. of Metallurgy and Ceramics Science Associate Professor
2016-Present Tokyo Tech School of Materials and Chemical Technology Associate Professor   

Field of Specialization
Heat resistant steels/ alloys, phase equilibria, Microstructure control

School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Tech

Research Highlights

  • Development of Laves phase strengthened ferritic heat resistant steels and novel Ni base superalloys strengthened by platelet precipitates using bulk combinatorial method etc.

Selected Awards

  • 2017 Nishiyama Memorial Award (ISIJ)

Selected Publications

  • Physical Metallurgy for Wrought Gamma Titanium Aluminides -Microstructure Control through Phase Transformations-: Takeyama M, Kobayashi S, Intermetallics, vol. 13, pp. 993-999, 2005.  

  • Determination of Phase Equilibria in the Co-rich Co–Al–W Ternary System with a Diffusion-Couple Technique: Kobayashi S, Tsukamoto Y, Takasugi T, Chinen H, Omori T, Ishida K, Zaefferer S, Intermetallics, vol. 17, pp. 1085-1089, 2009.

  • Mapping of 475 °C embrittlement in ferritic Fe-Cr-Al alloys: Kobayashi S, Takasugi T, Scripta Materialia, vol. 63, pp. 1104-1107, 2010.

  • Orientation Dependence of Local Lattice Rotations at Precipitates: Example of k-Fe3AlC Carbides in a Fe3Al-Based Alloy: Kobayashi S, Zambaldi C, Raabe D, Acta Materialia, vol. 58, pp. 6672-6684, 2010.

  • Interphase precipitation of Fe2Hf Laves phase in a Fe-9Cr/Fe-9Cr-Hf diffusion couple: Kobayashi S, Kimura K, Tsuzaki K, Intermetallics, vol. 46, pp. 80-84, 2014.