Hena Das

2011 – 2015 Post-doctorate research associate, School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University
4, 2015 – 9, 2015 Post-doctorate research associate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2015 – 2017 Associate Specialist, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
2017 – 2018 Research Associate, School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University
2018 – Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
Condensed matter and materials science theory

Laboratory for Materials and Structures(IIR, Tokyo Tech)


Research Hub Group:Materials and Devices international hub group

Research Highlights 

  • We predicted several new structural phases of LixNix′O2 system within a fixed FCC anion lattice which form during battery charge-discharge process [Chem. Mater. 29, 7840 (2017)] and have a significant bearing upon the performance of Li-ion cathode materials.
  • We designed new hexagonal transition metal oxide superlattices where ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism coexist near room temperature [Nature 537, 523 (2016) ].
  • We predicted topologically protected magnetoelectric vortex domain structures in YMnO3-type geometric ferroelectrics, which has been realized in EnMnO3 under magnetic field [Nature Communications 5, 2998 (2014), Nature Materials 13, 163-167 (2014) ].

Selected Publications 

  • Hena Das, Alexander Urban, Wenxuan Huang and Gerbrand Ceder, First-principles simulation of the (Li-Ni-Vacancy)O phase diagram and its relevance for the surface phases in Ni-rich Li-ion cathode materials, Chem. Mater. 29, 7840-7851 (2017)
  • Julia A. Mundy,…..,Hena Das et. al., Atomically engineered ferroic layers yield a room- temperature magnetoelectric multiferroic, Nature 537, 523527 (2016)
  • Hena Das, Alex Wysocki, Yanan Geng, Weida Wu and Craig J Fennie, Bulk magnetoelectricity in the hexagonal manganites and ferrites, Nature Communications 5, 2998 (2014)
  • Yanan Geng, Hena Das, Aleksander L. Wysocki, N. Lee, Y.J. Choi, S-W. Cheong, M. Mostovoy, Craig J. Fennie, and Weida Wu, Direct visualization of magnetoelectric domains, Nature Materials 13, 163-167 (2014)
  • Hena Das, G. Sangiovanni, A. Valli, K. Held and T. Saha-Dasgupta, Size control of charge-orbital order in half-doped manganites, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 197202 (2011)
  • Hena Das, U. V Waghmare, T. Saha-Dasgupta and D. D. Sarma, Electronic structure, phonons and dielectric anomaly in ferromagnetic insulating double perovskite La2NiMnO6, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 186402 (2008)