Suguru Kitani

2015-2018 Post-doctoral researcher, Materials and Structures
       Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2018-    Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, IIR, Tokyo
                 Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
Thermal Analysis /Physics and Materials Science

Laboratory for Materials and Structures(IIR, Tokyo Tech)

Research Hub Group:Materials and Devices international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Discovery of thermal conductivity switching materials utilizing metal-to-insulator transition

Selected Awards

  • 2013
    William F. Giauque Travel Award, CALCON, USA

Selected Publications

  • S. Kitani, M. Tachibana, N. Taira, and H. Kawaji, “Thermal study of the interplay between spin and lattice in CoCr2O4 and CdCr2O4”, Phys. Rev. B 87, (2013) 064402-1 – 064402-6.
  • S. Kitani, M. Tachibana, and H. Kawaji, “Spin-glass-like behavior in ferromagnetic phase of CdCr2S4”, Solid State Commun. 179, (2014) 16-19.
  • S. Kitani, M. Tachibana, and H. Kawaji, “Low-temperature thermal expansion behavior of the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7”, Solid State Commun. 247, (2016) 94–97.