Christophe Jouvet

1980          Phd Université Paris-Sud (Orsay)
1980-1981 Post doctoral at the University of Chicago
1982          Permanent position: C.N.R.S. Researcher
1994          Research Director second class at C.N.R.S.
2006          Research Director first class at C.N.R.S.
2008-2012 Director of the laser facility of the Université
2015 -now  Director of the international French-Argentina
                  LEMIR Lab at Aix-Marseille Université
2018-         Specially Appointed Professor, Clean Environment
                  Unit, IIR, Tokyo Tech

Field of Specialization
Physical Chemistry/Spectroscopy

Clean Environment Unit (IIR, Tokyo Tech)
Aix–Marseille University (France)

Research Hub Group:Materials and Devices international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Catching the intermediate states of chemical reaction by excitation of van der Waals complexes.
  • Demonstration of the role of the Excited State Hydrogen Transfer (ESHT) in substituted aromatic molecules. The ESHT channel controls the relaxation to the ground state or the Hydrogen loss.
  • Excited state dynamics of protonated molecules. The charge transfer toward the proton triggers the dynamics of the hydrogen, which then leads to the fragmentation of the ion.

Selected Awards 

  • 1985 : Bronze Medal of CNRS2001

Selected Publications 

  • Pino, G. A.; Oldani, A. N.; Marceca, E.; Fujii, M.; Ishiuchi, S. I.; Miyazaki, M.; Broquier, M.; Dedonder, C.; Jouvet, C., Excited state hydrogen transfer dynamics in substituted phenols and their complexes with ammonia: p-p*- p-s* energy gap propensity and ortho-substitution effect. J. Chem. Phy. 2010, 133, (12).
  •  Alata, I.; Dedonder, C.; Broquier, M.; Marceca, E.; Jouvet, C., Role of the Charge-Transfer State in the Electronic Absorption of Protonated Hydrocarbon Molecules. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, (49), 17483-17489.
  • Kang, H.; Jouvet, C.; Dedonder-Lardeux, C.; Martrenchard, S.; Gregoire, G.; Desfrancois, C.; Schermann, J. P.; Barat, M.; Fayeton, J. A., Ultrafast deactivation mechanisms of protonated aromatic amino acids following UV excitation. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2005, 7, (2), 394-398.
  • Sobolewski, A. L.; Domcke, W.; Dedonder-Lardeux, C.; Jouvet, C., Excited-state hydrogen detachment and hydrogen transfer driven by repulsive ps* states: A new paradigm for nonradiative decay in aromatic biomolecules. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2002, 4, (7), 1093-1100.
  • Breckenridge, W. H.; Jouvet, C.; Soep, B., Orbitally Selective Chemical-Reaction in Hg-H2 Van der waals Complexes. J. Chem. Phys.1986, 84, (3), 1443-1450.