Koichi Mikami

1982–1987: TITech: Assistant Professor
1982–1983: Yale Univ.: Ph.D. Research Chemist
1987–2003: TITech: Associate Professor
1995     Univ. Paris Sud: Visiting Professor
2003-2016: TITech: Professor
2016-: TITech SMCT: Professor


Field of Specialization
Organofluorine Chemistry/Asymmetric Catalytic C-C Bond Formation/Dynamic Chirality (Tropos/Atropos) Control/Molecular Design of Fluorinated Quantum Compute

School of Materials and Chemical Technology(SMCT, Tokyo Tech)


Research Hub Group:Cutting-eddge Cell Biology international hub group

Research Highlight

  • Development of Stable but Reactive Trifluoromethyl Metallic Reagents
  • Development of C-F Bond Activation/C-C Bond Formation via SN2 Process of C-F Bond
  • Catalytic Asymmetric Ene (C-H Bond Activation) Approach for C-C Bond Formation of Quaternary Carbon Centers and Industrial Process for Key Intermediate of Drug Candidates


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Selected Awards and Honors

  • 1986   Chemical Society of Japan Award (Shinpo-Sho)
  • 1995    IBM Science Award

  • 1997     Bristol-Myers Lecturer (Colorado State University)

  • 2000     Ichimura Academic Award

  • 2001     Boehringer Ingelheim Award Lecturer (Universite de Montreal)

  • 2009     Tokyo Tech Innovative Research Engineering Award

Selected Publications