Yui Jin

2012-2016 University of Michigan, Life Sciences Institute, Research Investigator
2016-2017 U. of Michigan, Assistant Research Scientist
2017- U. of Michigan, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
2017- Tokyo Institute of Technology, IIR, Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Field of Specialization
Organelle Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics

Cell Biology Center(IIR, Tokyo Tech)


Research Hub Group :Cutting-edge Cell Biology international hub group

Research Highlights

  • Discovery of critical roles of the vacuole in cell cycle progression (2015.8)

Selected Awards

  • 2001
    Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Selected Publications

  • CDK5/Pho85 regulation of PI3,5P2 lipid signaling from the vacuole/lysosome provides early protection to stress prior to long-term adaptation. (2017) Jin N, Jin Y, Weisman LS. J. Cell Biol, 216(7):2075-2090
  • The vacuole/lysosome is required for cell-cycle progression. Jin Y, Weisman LS. (2015) eLife 4, e08160
  • Close encounters of the lysosome-peroxisome kind. Jin Y, Strunk BS, Weisman LS. (2015) Cell 161(2):197-8
  • Overlap of cargo binding sites on myosin V coordinates the inheritance of diverse cargoes. (2012) Eves PT, Jin Y, Brunner MJ, Weisman LS J. Cell Biol. 198(1):69-85
  • Myosin V transports secretory vesicles via a Rab GTPase cascade and interaction with the exocyst complex. Jin Y, Sultana A, Gandhi P, Franklin E, Hamamoto S, Khan AR, Munson M, Schekman R, Weisman LS. (2011) Dev Cell. Dec 13;21(6):1156-70. [Faculty of 1000]