H. Eugene Stanley

1976-Present Professor, Boston University 
1978-Present Director, Center for Polymer Studies
2018- Present Specially Appointed Professor, WRHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Field of Specialization
Statistical physics, Econophysics, Biophysics, Network Science

Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Unit (ADAM) (IIR, Tokyo Tech)
Boston University(U.S.A)


Research Hub Group:Information and Artificial Intelligence Research International Hub Group

Research Highlights

  • Stabilization and Immunization of Networks
  • Using Statistical Physics Concepts to Better Understand Economic Questions
  • Physical Mechanisms in Liquid Water

Selected Awards

  • Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences (2004)

  • Boltzmann Medal, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (2004)

Selected Publications

  • 2017 Flaviano Morone, Kevin Roth, Byungjoon Min, H. Eugene Stanley, Herman A. Maske 
    “Model of brain activation predicts the neural collective influence map of the brain”
    PNAS 114, 3849.
  • 2017 Xin Yuan, Yanqing Hu, H. Eugene Stanley, Shlomo Havlin
    “Eradicating catastrophic collapse in interdependent networks via reinforced nodes”
    PNAS 114, 3311.
  • 2017 Xueming Liu, Linqiang Pan, H. Eugene Stanley, Jianxi Gao 
    “Controllability of giant connected components in a directed network”
    Phys. Rev. E 95, 042318.
  • 2014 A. Majdandzic, B. Podobnik, S. V. Buldyrev, D. Y. Kenett, S. Havlin, H. E. Stanley
    “Spontaneous Recovery in Dynamical Networks”
    Nature Physics 10, 34
  • 2010 S. V. Buldyrev, R. Parshani, G. Paul, H. E. Stanley, S. Havlin
    “Catastrophic Cascade of Failures in Interdependent Networks”
    Nature 464, 1025.