Dr. Betti Marenko assigned to School of Environment and Society as Specially Appointed Professor

From left, Prof. Kayoko Nohara, Dr. Betti Marenko and Dr. Norihiro Nakai, Dean of School of Environment and Society


<Field of Specialization>

Continental Philosophy and Critical Theory; Design studies; Philosophy of Technology


<Brief introduction of collaborative research and aims at Tokyo Tech WRHI>

My interdisciplinary research brings together design and philosophy to address the challenges of an increasingly uncertain world. The encounter of design and philosophy offers a way to interrogate matters of concern by exploring design’s potential to build better futures and to be a force for change. Specifically, my work 1) looks at the impact of planetary computation on humans, society and culture in order to question received notions of technology; 2) examines the shift – cognitive, ontological and epistemological – that is rewiring our human capacity to think and to make sense of the world; 3) develops tools to unpack technology as a socio-cultural construction and a material-semiotic assemblage of the human and the nonhuman. My current research addresses the following questions: How are technologies changing people and society? What does it mean to be human in a world of objects designed to be smart? What are the dominant narratives about AI and the role of algorithms? How can we use design to speculate in post-anthropocentric terms about the agency of the nonhuman?

Technology provides solutions to a range of pressing issues some of which are planetary. But providing solutions is only a part of the task. Equally important is to ask the right questions, and this can only be done by interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange. This is why I am incredibly excited to be taking part in the WRHI. There is great potential in the interfacing of technology, culture and design studies and I look forward to be working with outstanding colleagues at Tokyo Tech WRHI.


<Collaborative Researcher>

Dr. Kayoko Nohara(Professor, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Tech)


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