International work shop held by FBK on 23 Jan.

International Work Shop by Fondazione Bruno kessler ( FBK ) was held on 23rd January

Our Specially  Appointed Associate Professor Ludovico Minati arranged to hold an International Workshop.

Thank you for two researchers from FBK who came from Italy and gave a talk.

( Report from Dr. Minati)

Today, Professors Gianluigi Casse and Massimo Bersani from the Center for Materials and Microsystems of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) in Trento (Italy), visited IIR to deliver a seminar and discuss collaboration. Following their scientific presentations, there was a long and fruitful discussion with IIR professors. In some aspects, FBK and IIR are quite similar, because there is a strong focus on multidisciplinary innovation: so, collaboration will be started. The topics of interest range from the manufacturing of micro- and nano-scale electronic devices, to the processing of brain signals and distributed sensing for agricultural applications and farming.